If you are like me, and human, then you probably spend 99% of your thoughts on solving problems or improving things or idle worrying. But after cleaning and cooking and outreaching and inner resourcing and finding what I already had today, I had a new thought. Just a split second upon opening the door to leave the house that maybe everything was perfect as is. That there was already enough money, enough time, enough love. In this moment. I have enough. I am enough. I mean, the alien that landed in this human body got pretty lucky just to experience this crazy Earth. I felt like spreading my proverbial wings and flying off the front porch when the next thought fluttered into my head: that the rest is EXTRA! And how fun to play with that extra! While I am grateful for all that I have checked off the list in the last few days, I am also thrilled with this re-realizing of enough. Freedom! You are. Enough. Right now. Me too.

Below are photos of the beautiful space Vola gets to share every Monday evening  at the Boulder Creative Collective with the Boulder Writers Warehouse

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We emerged from the restorative yoga cocoon to watch a local theater group run through their play. The word between the hands is “MAKE.”

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