Being Sage (on Rest Days)

I know many of us have been feeling overwhelmed this past week. In addition to any other stressors in our lives, many of us feel we are helpless anticipation of giving our country to the leadership of someone we deeply mistrust.

Physically I’ve been under the weather. Emotionally I am completely overwhelmed. I have a lot of changes coming up and a lot to think about. And I’m not moving through them in a big, powerful, “I know myself” kind of way. I have made very few big decisions in my life (if any) without gripping onto the handlebars first. So overwhelm to me means everything feels heavy on top of me and my body feels crushed by it all. My brain is so noisy I can’t think.

So, today I took a rest day. A day off from coordinating and planning and running faster and faster trying to beat the overwhelm. It caught me. And that’s actually OK.

I am not proud that my rest day involved eating a whole bag of ginger snaps, but I am still so grateful for the Kick-Ass Immune, soup, the junkiness of The Bachelor, and multiple naps. Life does have that pause button sometimes. And it’s OK to press it. Sometimes the most clarity and energy I feel is after one of these break days. And sometimes the most empowered my body (including my voice and mind) feels is when I have allowed it to rest.

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