Why This Blog

Being Sage means moving the energy from my head to my toes. Sage was the name I called myself while walking to work some days, watching the thoughts swirl in my head. Feeling the doubt and nerves. As soon as I named myself Sage I opened the door for wisdom to enter. I felt something open in my body and then land. Lighter and heavier at the same time. Being Sage is the ability to notice different access points in our bodies. To articulate when our hearts feel open or heavy or our hips feel tight.

Being Sage is the understanding that we have multiple points of wisdom supporting us (not just our brains but yes our brains.) Being Sage is that clean feeling when salad actually tastes a lot better than cookies, when we can ask our bodies what they crave and listen, when we can powerfully respect our bodies. Being Sage is a deep knowing of our inherent beauty. Our whole selves. Our hands our feet our bellies, no matter the size or maybe yes for the size! because of the blemishes because of the aches and pains because of the old and wrinkles. We are whole.

Our bodies are what we have to bring. To the party the table the protest, to bring to bed with or without our lovers, to bring to love, to bring to our pocketbooks (with all the quesy and the frenzy,) to bring to those we love, to hold them.

Being Sage is recognizing resourcing from and taking care of our most important most tangible most permanent gift on this earth. Our breath. Our voice. Our hips. Our tongues. Our bodies. Being Sage is reconnecting with self in the face of self-doubting talk, abuse, media telling us we need to be something more. Being Sage is a big fuck you. It’s the biggest we can get. The strongest. And the stillest and the quietest. When do you start Being Sage?


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