Ways to ground when you are traveling or moving or just running around a lot:

1. Get in or near the elements. Sunshine wakes us up to ourselves. Water sounds are calming, even jumping in icy water can bring us back to our bodies & out of our heads.

2. Ask yourself, where are my feet? This helps the energy travel from the head and heart down to the earth, evening out our emotions and connected with innate wisdom in all parts of the body.

3. Acknowledge without trying to fix: OK I am feeling nauseous or headachy. Now what?

4. Smell something yummy.

5. Eat. Sleep. Nap. Exercise. We forget.

6. Clean. Putting things in their physical place even in a suitcase can make the world feel more orderly.

7. Cook. Make some foot veggies. Or bake. Get back to the elements.

8. Play. It might sound the oppoait of grounded but get on the floor with  the kids in your life and belly laugh.

9. Contact your family. They are your roots. 🙂

10. Kiss the earth with your feet as you walk. Focus on breath. We are all connected.



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