Being Sage: At Capacity

Ways to know you are beyond or at capacity (like an elevator):

  1. Your phone is maxed out of data so you can’t read emails, get image texts, etc.
  2. Your feel dizzy because you are wearing the wrong contact lens prescription.
  3. Your bank account is overdrawn.
  4. All of these happen on the same day.
  5. You cannot move your legs or pick up the phone because you have been traveling SO much (even if it was fun.)
  6. You have to cancel (a lot) because you set up your life for a superhuman robot (not you.)
  7. Your friends and family don’t get all of you: you are on your phone working or on your laptop applying or half asleep trying to stay awake enough to spend time with them.
  8. You fall asleep with all your makeup on and your black cocktail dress. You wake up feeling ready to go out until you realize it’s 7am.
  9. You have a constant queasy feeling in your stomach about the future: relationships, job, career. You watch Sex & The City and it makes you feel like you are not the only one.
  10. A lady on the street tells you (in the middle of it all) that your bag is going to eat you. (?!)

So, now what?

  1. You ask for help.
  2. You take a breath and go step by step.
  3. (After you let yourself freak out a bit. Family is good for this. They will always be there (hopefully.)
  4. You delete stuff on your phone, ask the bank to remove unnecessary charges, and take out your contact lenses.
  5. You say no. And you let those you say no to still know how important they are to you. You make a plan with them for the future.
  6. You reach out for other work, something that will take care of you.
  7. You ask others to visit you, to call you.
  8. You  laugh at it all. (Also helpful with family.)
  9. You don’t over schedule next time.
  10. You schedule YOU time.
  11. You write.

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