Sunday Mini-Retreats & July Weekend Retreat

Women’s Weekend Retreat: Saturday, July 27th, 2019 10am-9pm

& Sunday, July 28th, 2019 8am-8pm

10541434_10103386062310793_4051676021160831787_ohot stone restorative yoga ~ yoga nidra ~ krama vinyasa yoga flow ~ seated meditation ~ lake walking meditation ~ creative writing ~ journaling ~ poetry ~ fiction ~ non-fiction ~ writing through the chakras ~ healthy ayurvedic-style meals & tea ~ support for continued self-care

$500 Early Bird Registration by July 1st, 2019

$600 Regular Registration by July 22nd, 2019

Includes lodging & 5 ayurvedic-style meals, 4 spots available

All retreats & mini-retreats at 9744 S Iris Ct, Littleton CO

near Chatfield State Park


5 2019 Mini-Retreats: March 31, April 28, August 25,

Sept 29, October 27

Sunday, 1-6pm

1-2pm Write the Body: Outdoor/Indoor Krama Vinyasa Flow (depends on weather)

2-5pm Write the Breath: Creative Writing through the Chakras &

Hot Stone Restorative Yoga

(2 fifteen min breaks with optional nature walk)

5-6 Write Your Life: Ayurvedic-Style Dinner & Self-Care Coaching: Next Steps

5 spots available at each mini-retreat

vola workshop

We will spend the day nourishing you — finding peace in the natural beauty of the lake, creativity & play in writing, strengh, relaxation & body healing in yoga, and nourishment in our ayurvedic-style meal.

I want all 5! $500

I’m In for One Early Bird Mini-Retreat

$100 early bird or with a friend before the week of the retreat

Sign Me Up for One Mini-Retreat! $133

If you are in the year-long course, you get half off one retreat or workshop:

$67 Half Off the Mini-Retreat! Woohoo!