Vola Sessions: Flight from the Palm

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Want to be powerful? Fearless? Unconditionally loving?

June is a kick-ass self-care coach, published writer, & 200-hour certified yoga instructor with an MFA in Writing & Poetics from Buddhist-inspired Naropa University. Growing up in 3 religious traditions, she learned Zen meditation from her dad as a child. June has a background of 17 years in social work & mental health, group facilitation, & education. She teaches in Colorado & the San Francisco Bay Area.

Top 3 superpowers you develop from Vola Sessions:

1. radical self-compassion
2. daily self-care practice
3. renewed focus on your life’s work

Keep scrolling below the photos for the meaning of “Vola”!

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What ARE Vola Sessions?

“Volar” means “the palms of the hands” & “soles of the feet.” The Latin root also means “to fly.”

Learn 3 powerful self-care tools:

Yoga vinyasa flow, yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra

Meditation breath-work, singing bowl, visualizations, mantras, chanting

Creative Writing non-fiction, fiction, poetry, short story, journal, chakra & other embodied writing, gratitude exercises, free-writes

Your Choice of Focus: edit your writing project, dive deeper into meditation or yoga

Surround your practice with community wherever you are (online) with:

your own “self-care personal trainer”

accountability partner

Facebook community

Let’s face it. We spend money every day on things that don’t matter. But your body and mind, your wellness and joy, THEY MATTER. They are the foundation, the linchpin that makes the rest of your life work. And in today’s culture, if we don’t pay for services or put them in our calendars, we just don’t do it.
Make your wellness a priority. Email volasessions@gmail.com for a free 30-minute consultation. Scholarships available. Sessions available in Spanish & English. Kids’ sessions available.

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