Vola Sessions: Write & Restore Yoga

For writing, yoga, & meditation coaching or editing:

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“Volar” means “the palms of the hands” & “soles of the feet.” The Latin root also means “to fly.”

The Vola coaching process combines the creativity from writing with the hands & calming in yoga/meditation with the feet to empower you to discover peace, purpose, & play in every area of life.


“I would highly recommend June with any help in meditation. I’m a beginner and she gave me a lot of great tips on how to lengthen my practice and make it part of my weekly routine. She goes above and beyond and connects you with others in your community that can support you and gives great book suggestions. She is a compassionate person who will genuinely listen to you and think of solutions.”

-Allie Behm, Program Director at Tahoe’s Connection for Families


“With the writing, it was new, and I remember getting moved. I didn’t know I had that in there. I gained a new level of understanding of each of the tools and what an important role they can play in my day-to-day. Now I have 3 tools I can use going forward and I have a better understanding of those tools.” – Craig Bateman

Vola sessions are a great way to take time for yourself but in a small communal group, with a social aspect that includes meeting new people, discussion, and building connections with others. In that way, they are very different from a regular yoga or meditation class, where we often are practicing in a group but the experience is still individual (and sometimes that can be lonely). What makes Vola special to me is that I leave with not only a sense of relaxation for myself, but also feeling like I contributed to and received gifts from the group as a whole during our practice together. – Sarah Richards Graba

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