Vola Sessions: Birth Your Book

Finally finish your book, without pausing your life, using meditation & yoga tools.

“Volar” means “the palms of the hands” & “soles of the feet.” The Latin root also means “to fly.”
The Vola coaching process combines the creativity from writing with the hands & calming in yoga/meditation with the feet to empower you to discover peace, purpose, & play in every area of life.

“I contacted June because I was in need of developing some new approaches to handling multiple sources of stress. I found her approach to be very individualized. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. June was able to assess what some of my challenges were, and then show me a few methods of relaxation and contemplation that allowed me focus on the here and now, which was what I was after as a goal. I would highly recommend June for her clam, personable and appropriately humorous and individualized approach.”

Bruce B.

June is awesome!