Birth Your Book Program

Ready to FINALLY write your book with an incredible community of womxn entrepreneurs?

After 6-months of intimate group sessions & personalized private sessions, you will have:

1. completed & edited your book

2. developed a daily self-care practice

3. made a shift in one area of life


PEACE: Expand time & create the clay. Settle down into your self-care and writing practices.

PURPOSE: Marry your book & remember your purpose. Accomplish one life goal in addition to your book. Past participants have run marathons, started families, new careers, etc.

A fantastic resource, unaffiliated with Vola:

PLAY: Master your material & collaborate. Learn how to bring your book out into the world.

Includes workbook & private Facebook group.

Curious where to start? Book Your Discovery Session

Fun on Zoom sessions!

The online course is 6 months, and you have lifetime access to an incredible community, with ongoing retreats and community writing rooms at no extra charge.

I had my first session with June a few months ago and it was amazing. I booked a session to work on my on-going manuscript. She took the time beforehand to read a huge chunk of my writing and went above and beyond to create personalized writing prompts based on my work and my problem areas that I had emailed her about. We meditated together with my writing and she made me feel empowered by my own voice. With her guidance, I was able to have a clearer vision for my piece. Bonus: An entirely new manuscript came from one of her writing exercises! I highly recommend booking a session with June

-Jona Fine, MFA