Return to Play Year-Long Course

Vola’s Year-Long Course Includes 4 Modules:

Oct, Nov, Dec: Meditation

Jan, Feb, March: Yoga

April, May, June: Creative Writing

July, Aug, Sept: Journal Writing & Coaching

What do you get?

1 weekly self-care assignment in creative writing, meditation, & yoga given in:

1 30-min group coaching call per week (Monday evenings 7:30pm pst/8:30pm mst — recorded)

4 audio/video yoga, meditation, creative writing recordings for use throughout the month

1 e-book with self-care practice tips & philosophy

1 in-person workshop per month (live on Zoom — partially recorded)

Access to our private and supportive Vola Facebook community

Yoga means “union”: your subscription of only $133 per month supports social emotional skills teaching in low-income elementary schools

Book here to start:

Do you want more personalized coaching sessions?

Vola Individual Coaching includes all of the above plus 1 hour of personal coaching per week, as needed text follow-up, individualized assignments & curriculum:

For 1 month add $350 to year-long course subscription ($483/month) 

Sign me up for 1 month

For 3 months $433/month monthly for 3 months

OR $1200 altogether 

For 6 months $358/month monthly for 6 months 

OR $1950 altogether

For 1 year $283/month monthly for 1 year

OR $2900 altogether


Other Package Offerings:

1 week gift (2 hour-long sessions) or 1 workshop: $131

VIP Session: 3 hours in-person alternative (with 30 min before & after sessions) $300

1.5 hour in-person yoga $75 per 90 minutes at our home studio; $100 per 90 minutes at your home (10% off any booking of 3 months) email

Blog & Editing Projects: email

$500/month book editing — negotiable dependent on pages, project, timeline etc

4 blogs: $500; 6 blogs = $450; 8 blogs = $400

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